Monday, 30 June 2014

Miscellaneous Equipment: Expand Your Armoury

With live ya stupid welps! Keep the edge bright and shiny... and sharp like a blood drinker's fang! Well maintained weapon will keep you all alive in this part of a shithole called Mordheim!

Fellow Wyrdstone seekers,
You may wander what do i mean by 'Expanding Your Armoury'. Well, in a game based on gaining experience, leveling models and purchasing new weapons and armour for a warband it is sometimes wise to prepare a backup equipment for the heroes. Some players prefer to represent weapon options with whole substitute models. I find it rather undesirable as i like to create a bond with some of my miniatures. Hours spent on painting and converting a model just to throw it away in favour of a new equipment option? It sounds to me like a betrayal. With use of some pins and magnets you will be able to switch weapons at a whim. More so, you will probably find converting more options for already painted heroes quite thrilling.

As an example here's one of my heroes: the Undead Vampire armed with different weapon options. Some of them classic, others you may find unorthodox but quite effective. 

 Classic Sword & Shield

Spear & Shield or Halberd

Two Handed Weapon or a Flail

 'King Kittan Giga Drill!'

Hope you found some inspiration. It is awesome to switch weapond between games depending on which warband you will face next and it's important to represent weapons as they are.


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