Friday, 20 June 2014

Warband: the Middenheimers

The land of Middenheim breeds warriors cold as ice. Personally i find their behaviour a little bit savage, yet do not mistake them for merely barbarians. Man of Middenheim are proud people that respect old ways. They venerate Ulric, God of wolves and winter. Watch yourself lad, try not to cross blades with them. Otherwise you may find yourself chased by a pack of angry wolves one day...  
Warband: Middenheim Mercenaries

Fellow Mordheimers. Today i present you the Middenheim Mercenaries: one of three basic Human Mercenary warbands. The Middenheim warband is flexible and possess all merits of a human band so i will concentrate on what makes them different from other warbands.


- All speed ahead,
Every single hero of Middenheim warband has the option to choose Speed skills. Imagine this howling ang powerfull mashine of war as it covers half of the table in a blink of an eye. Now imagine the look on a face of your opponent as he find himself facing a full compliment of hand to hand monsters in less than three turns.

- Strong arms, 
Other warbands need some fancy gear to start the campaign with S4 / S5 models, but not Middenheim. Middenheim Captains and Champions start with S4 and can be further pumped up to 5 or 6 with use of common weapons. After couple of fights you will add some Strenght skills and just unleash your wolves against the foe. They will do the rest.


- Lack of Shooting skills, 
Lack of shooting skills on most heroes sets up your way of gaming from the start. You will have to get close and you will have to get your hands dirty. Thank the Ulrik that there are Blunderbusses in your armoury so that your warband may still generate some punch while racing to bit crap out of your foe. 

Mercenary Captain



Swordsman / Warriors


Warband: Middenheim Mercenaries
Cost: 500gc,
Rating: 101,

Captain 70gc,
Sword, Dagger, 

Champion 45gc,
Halberd, Dagger,

Champion 41gc,
Hammer, Hammer, Dagger,

Youngblood 18gc,
Hammer, , Dagger, 
Youngblood 18gc,
Staff, Dagger,

Swordsmen (2) 90gc,
Sword, Dagger,

Marksman 57gc,
Blunderbuss, Dagger,

Marksman (2) 76gc,
Bow, Mace, Dagger,

Marksman (2) 70gc,
Bow, Dagger,

Halfling Scout 15gc,


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