Friday, 4 July 2014

Rules: Footbridges (how to build and then destroy)

To move at the ground level is to ask death for a dance. If we're going to survive this mess we've got to use gangplanks. Let's head up and see if these wretches will follow our example...

Today i'm going to show you a fast & furious way to make your own footbridges. As for the reason of why you should be willing to create some gangways, it is obvious: they will present you with more movement options and strategies. Mordheim is all about simple rules and a lot of gaming options to choose from. Catwalks, gangplanks and footbridges will take your game higher and exert impact on the way you play.  Later on i will also present you with all the new rules for footbridges to use in Modheim.
For those of you who already knows how to make a Mordheim footbridge, please skip to the bottom of the post to see the rules and photos. 

Modellin footbridges

Here is what you'll need: wood / basing glue, super glue, sharp modelling knife, scissors, cutting line, brush, watter pot and some water, weights (or something heavy),

fruit basket, thin wooden planks,

Start with dismantling the basket using knife and scissors. Cut all the wood into large base* planks and a bunch of small texture** planks.
* Base planks will be used as a main body of the footbridges.
** Texture planks will be used to give the footbridges a wooden texture.


Prepare the base of a footbridge by adhering some texture planks to the lower parts of the base planks, so that they would look much more solid when looked upon from the miniature's eye of view. It will be quick if you use super glue for the task.

Now it is time to texturise your footbridges with a lot of texture planks. Fruit basket is made up of very thin planks, which are perfect to the task. Carefully apply the adhesive to the surface of the bridge, put some planks on it.


Now  quickly turn the bridge over so that the upper side is lying on the surface of your workbench. Texture planks are very thin and they will probably absorb some water from the glue and bulge a little. You can prevent that by putting some waight onto the drying bridge.

It won't take long before you will be able to relievie the completely dry footbridge. Now you can add some balustrade or ornamentation to it. Once more use the super glue to save some time. Remember to paint the complete product of your work with a mix of basing glue and water. It will harden the wood and prevent it from sheding splinters.

After all the bridges dry up, you can udnercoat and the paint them. The complete set of footbridges may look like this:

Rules: Footbridges

Footbridges and catwalks are a common sight in Mordheim as well as in the other cities of the Imperium. Some of these gangplanks are just a bunch of randomly placed planks while others are more like a full scale bridges. Whilst not a one have the same length or size, all possess a single common feature: they're all made from wood. 

For the purposes of the game please apply the following rules to all the footbridges:

Destructable object: 
It is possible to destroy a wooden footbridge. Any model able to fight in close combat phase may attack a footbridge which is in base contact. If the model is in hand to hand combat with enemy model, it may still redirect some attacks to the bridge if you wish. The hits against a bridge will auto hit and you will need a roll of '6' to wound. Models armed with axes or flaming weapons will need a roll of '5+' to wound the bridge. Small bridges (up to 6" length) have 3  Wounds, while Large bridges (more than 6" length) have 5 Wounds. You do not roll for the Injury, also Critical Hits do not apply to the bridges. Simply remove the bridge that has 0 Wounds left and perform 'Falling' for all the models that were on the bridge. 

Pit Fighter: 
The Pit Fighter skill applies to the model fighting in hand to hand combat while on the bridge. 



  1. Hi,

    I'm new to Mordheim and want to start a Dwarf Warband. Do you have any advices for me?

    1. Hi,
      Just do some research in the Web. Drawfs starting warband is usually the same: Leader with pistol, Engineer with crossbow, 3 Thunderers with crossbows, 2 Slayers (1 halberd and 1 with two axes) and two beardlings with maces. Some masec here and there and that's it ;)
      My advice is not to stay high with your sniping warband as the best way to get your Dwarfs killed is to let them be hit and fall from a hight. Leave one or two of these far behind to shoot and move the rest stright into the enemy warband - Dwarfs are near to impossible to kill :)


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