Saturday, 7 January 2017

Modelling: Candles

For Ulrik's beard - It's damn cold todingt! I feel my guts freezing lad! The chill creeps over my spine like death's hand. I wish we had just a single candle to warm the room even a little...

I hope you didn't wait too long for another article. This time I present to you something more Tutorial'ish in hope to inspire you to provide some detail to your Mordheim gaming tables. Among many cool items you can toss around your scenery, there are candles - which provide a lot of dark mood to the gaming board. These can be done pretty easy, which I explain in this new article:
TUTORIAL: DIY CANDLES - just give it a try ;) 

Example quote and picture:

"I then glued small pieces of wire into the holes, to look like candlewicks."