Saturday, 14 June 2014

Miscellaneous Equipment: Random Encounters

Can you feel it? It's all in the air. Like a smell of something foul from afar. I have a bad feeling about this. Let's make haste lat. We don't want to bump into something are we?

Mordheimers! Most of you had already encountered 'Random Hapenings' presented in Town Cryer, and then once more in Mordheim Annual 2002. Each of thirty four events is a tribute to the randomness of Mordheim, and every single one of them is worth mentioning. To all of those that had never used 'Random Hapenings' rules before i must say that you have never truly played Mordheim up to now. Below you will find my representation of all twelve 'appearance' encounters that you'r band may bump into.

11 - Ogre Mercenary
Most players have one or more Ogre Mercenaries in their collection. Same goes for me so i choose this one to be at hand if needed. The miniature is from my Witch Hunters warband and is an allegory to marriage in addidion to it's main role as a fighter.

12 - Swarm of Rats (Ghosts?)
Six bases of rats are hard to get. I use six Spirit Hosts from my Warhammer: Vampire Counts army as proxy. It is easy to imagine the wave of wailing ghosts rampaging the streets of Mordheim and it looks cool too.

15 - Blood for the Blood God
This Hereald of Khorne miniature looks just like it would burst into action at any moment now. Model has been handpicked and prepared just for the task of being a Random Happening encounter.

21- Restless Spirit
As i used all of my the Spirit Hosts to replace Rat Swarms i just had to use the Wraith conversion to represent the Restless Spirit. The Spirit itself is almost harmless but the psychological effect this miniature exerts on my fellow gamers is worth the efort of converting it.

23 - Man Eater
This is the one that i'm most proud of. In the original plan the so called Man-eater is a tree but i couldn't stop to try something completely different. Can you feel the horror of a warband member captured unawares by writhing tentacles of a privy?

24 - Skeletons / 46 - Plague Victims
I do not like the concept of skeletons in Mordheim. There's just to many fresh corpses in Mordheim to even think about fielding bone shiny skeletons. I use these zombies to represent both the Plague Victims and the Sceletons.

26 - Spawn
Ever watched "The Thing"? I did and it had distorted my mind.

35 - Dog Pack
What can i say? Mordheim is a perfect game for those with a big Warhammer: Vampire Counts army. 

45 - Pit Fighter
I love this old school Warhammer: Quest miniature. With its bulky frame, overgrown musculature, big clown-like boots and nasty look on it's face. Damn, there was a time when miniatures looked so cool!

54 - Last Man Standing
In my opinion it should be named 'Last Maam Standing". GW made us the courtesy of sculpting not one but two astonishing Sisters of Sigmar Matriarch miniatures so there is always one to spare for the encounter. 

66 - Itsy-Bitsy Spider
My last addition to the collection of Random Happenigs miniatures. I was happy to paint this converted mini with use of a different colour sheme than most of my Mordheim models. Now it's an ugly, hairy, toxic spider.


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