Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hired Swords: Part one

We have earned quite a bunch of coins at our last raid. As we have all the gear we need for now, it would be wise to use an additional pair of fighting arms. Let's head back to the Cutthroat's Den and see what remarkable new alliances we can buy with this gold... 
Playing in a Campaign usually leads to a moment when you have more gold than you can spend. At some point new weapons and armour are useless, you have reached the maximum number of fighters in your warband and the only good way to spend surplus gold is to buy a Hired Sword. There is plenty of Hired Swords to choose from. Some of them are powerful fighters while others are dead eye shooters. Some can even cast spells, earn gold or boost the number of warband members. The Hired Swords are too numerous for just one post so i will start with which is in my opinion the best fighter, best tank, best shooter and the best caster among them.

 Pit Fighter
The Pit Fighter happens to be a best bully there is. With medium hire fee and average upkeep we will get some potent stats including S4 (5), T4, A2 and a very good set of gear. In single combat this warrior will overpower almost any foe. He may recoil when facing a Vampire, Possessed or an Ogre Bodyguard, but will make a bloody pulp from all other enemies.I recommend that you unleash the Pit Fighter on to your opponent's thoughest models. In worst case scenario he will keep them busy for long time.

On my private list of Hired Swords he comes in the second wave of recruitment, as i prefer tricks over force. For those of you that would like to get eye to eye, the Pit Fighter should be a top priority.

 Ogre Bodyguard
Ogre Bodyguard is the best tank in the game. High Toughness of 4 comes in a pair with 3 Wounds. With 2A and Cause Fear special rule, the Ogre is a formidable wall of meat that would turns out to be impassable for most of fighters. Use this one to keep enemy killers out of your softer fighters.

Ogre Bodyguard is my wave one Hired Sword and joins my Warband each time i am able to afford it.

There aren't many Spellcasters in Mordheim. That single fact puts the Warlock above other low stat Hired Swords. Once more for a medium fee we can hire a more than decent fighting force. Warlock's ability to use Lesser Magic will 'make a difference' in most games. Try to keep him close to your main force so that his spells would prove to be most effective at all times.

This Wizard comes in a wave zero, or wave one depending on which warband i'm playing at the moment.

Tilean Marksman
Best Shooter in Mordheim, threatened only by the Roadwarden's move and shoot 'sniping' ability. Tilean Marksman is a must have in all warbands which puts distance above close quarters. A 3+ hit is formidable and if you roll a +1BS advancement you will have a sniper like any other. Just put him in a good spot so that he can see most of the battlefield and won't be fired upon too often.

The Tilean Marksman is my zero wave choice. I always recruit him with my warband if possible. 

So now you know my choice of the best fighter, best tank, best shooter and the best casteramong Hired Swords. Next time i will present to you the best seeker, best sneak, best trickster, best buff that you can hire. 


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