Friday, 26 May 2017

Modelling: Cobblestone Bases

Been to many towns in my youth. I have an experience of a lifetime of street walking. Still no human town has a cobblestone more treacherous than Mordheim: City of the Damned...

Greetings fellow Mordheimers! I'm back with another Modelling article. This time I will show you a fast and easy way of preparing Cobblestone Bases. The same material and technique might be used to provide fine texture on the buildings or even a gaming board.

Example quote and picture:

"Next I glued the piece onto the base, turned the base upside down and cut off the excess of the wallpaper with a Hobby Knife. "


Monday, 3 April 2017

'Toad Fountain' - Special Project

Couple of months with no real adventures lad. That makes me feel like an old man. I remember the times where each day spent in this city brought something new and unimaginable. That brings back an old memory... There was this fountain in the southers market. Rumour was it granted wishes. I once tossed a coin to it wishing for calm and easy times. Never have I wandered it will bring boredom and lack of wealth. Capricious little thing must have perverted my wish. I wonder if the fountain stands there still...

Fellow Mordheimers, I know you missed me. I missed you too. So much awesome projects going on that I haven't had time to actually update this blog and I feel terrible about that. Nothing can be done about the issue - I just have a lot of commissions going on and that keeps me occupied almost all the time. Still, for those of you that do not follow Scar_hand Painting, here's another Scenery related article.

'TOAD FOUNTAIN' SPECIAL PROJECT article will let you witness the entire process behind this piece's construction. From a basic concept, through scratchbuilding and then painting. Maybe not entirely step-by-step, but still you will be able to get an insight into my work and who knows? Maybe that will inspire you to make your own Toad Fountain...


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Modelling: Candles

For Ulrik's beard - It's damn cold todingt! I feel my guts freezing lad! The chill creeps over my spine like death's hand. I wish we had just a single candle to warm the room even a little...

I hope you didn't wait too long for another article. This time I present to you something more Tutorial'ish in hope to inspire you to provide some detail to your Mordheim gaming tables. Among many cool items you can toss around your scenery, there are candles - which provide a lot of dark mood to the gaming board. These can be done pretty easy, which I explain in this new article:
TUTORIAL: DIY CANDLES - just give it a try ;) 

Example quote and picture:

"I then glued small pieces of wire into the holes, to look like candlewicks."