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Warband: 'Holy Crusade' the Sisters of Sigmar

You want to hear about the Sisterhood? Let me tell you this you miserable fool: You do not want to hear about them, or talk of them, or see one of them. You certainly do not wish to be hired by them and you are dead if you ever find yourself pursued by them. This is all you need to know. 

Warband: Sisters of Sigmar
'Holy Crusade'

The Sisters of Sigmar is one of the strongest warbands there are. Easy to play and hard to master, this warband combines a lot of hand to hand combat punch with some decent short range firepower and typical human flexibility. I have faced the Sisters on many occasion as they are my mate's favorite band. Each of those fights was a bloodbath regardless of the outcome. Let us have a look at their's pros and cons.


- Praying Matriarch,
Prayers of Sigmar are very powerfull, but even more so when cast by an already formidable fighter. A Sigmarite Matriarch is a fighter, shooter, spellcaster and may be armed with Sisters of Sigmar exclusive weapons.
- Holy S. . . Sister Bertha,
Bertha Bestraufrung, high matriarch of the sisterhood is a hell of a killer. Sisters of Sigmar are the only warband to have acsess to so many Dramatis Personae plus a one reserved especially for them. It does not have an impact on early stage of the campaign but given some time you will find yourself backed up with Bertha with no hire fee spent, and it means a lot of trouble for your opponent. 

- Slings & Hammers,
Sisters of Sigmar is a warband of close to short range effeciency. Slings can produce a lot of dakka to soften your foe and Hammers of Sigmar can open up an Ogre in no time (not to mention what do they make of some unholy creatures). 

- Novices,
There are plenty of ways to field a Sisters of Sigmar warband. You can go for equipment, but you can also choose to take strenght in numbers. Easy to buy 13 starting models with Novices woth 15gc each. Did i mention that they can use slings and can be armed with two weapons? Not like Zombies or Warhounds if you know what i mean. 

- Augur,
The Augur is a cheap hero that advances fast and can reroll characteristic tests, to hit rolls in combat and pick one of two dice rolls on exploration table. It is a 'must have'.


- No long range firepower,
Sisters do not have access to any long rande weaponry except hired swords. Even if you hire a Tilean Marksman or a Kislev Ranger they will be quickly outgunned. 

Sister Matriarch: Onslaught

Sister Superiors: Lagherta, Bernadette, Siggy

Augur: Valca



Warband: Sisters of Sigmar 'Holy Crusade'
Cost: 500gc,
Rating: 109,

Matriarch: Onslaught 97gc,
Sigmarite Warhammer, Steel Whip, Sling, Dagger, 

Sister Superior: Lagherta 62gc,
Sigmarite Warhammer, Steel Whip, Sling, Dagger, 

Sister Superior: Siggy 62gc,
Sigmarite Warhammer, Steel Whip, Sling, Dagger, 

Sister Superior: Bernadette 52gc,
Sigmarite Warhammer, Hammer, Sling, Dagger,

Augur: Valca 37gc,
Steel Whip, Sling, Dagger, 

Sisters (2) 60gc,
Hammer, Sling, Dagger,

Sisters (2) 60gc,
Hammer, Sling, Dagger, 

Novices (3) 60gc,
Hammer, Sling, Dagger,

Halfling Scout 15gc,


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