Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Miscellaneous Equipment: Mordheim Rulebook(s?)

Mordheim may seem like an utter chaos lad, but it is a city of the Imperium in all it's rights. If you wish to live throughout this little journey of ours, you've got to stick to some rules...

Most of us - Mordheim gamers - had a real Mordheim rulebook in hands for more than couple of times. I personally own such a rulebook and am a happy possessor of the original Mordheim Annual 2002. But there is a plenty of additional rules that Mordheim rules review added to the game, not to mention changes wrought upon the primary book. In order to keep all the rules in check and avoid tons of paper i have created three pdf files containing the Rulebook as i see it needed. Basic rules, Mordheim Annual 2002, some rules from Empire in Flames, and Errata. All of whom i have sorted into three smaller books ready to be printed and binded. As these rules were initially free to download at GW's site - feel free to download the files and make your own copy of the book. A copy where all magic is in the same place, warbands are placed in alphabetical order and 'ye olde curiosity shope' is right behind miscellaneous equipment.

Book one: Rules, including all usable magic and equipment,
Book two: Warbands, including Hired Swords and Dramatis Personae,
Book three: Campaign, including Scenarios and post battle sequence,



  1. Fajna sprawa z oprawą zasad. Zdradzisz ile za to zapłaciłeś?

    1. Dzięki a gdzie to zamawiałeś? może mają jakąś stronę www i zrealizują moje zamówienie z Warszawy? Bo wolałbym sprawdzoną drukarnię (jeśli polecasz) niż szukać w ciemno.

    2. Sorsy za delay - ogólnie drukowałem w zwykłej kafejce internetowej z drukarką, w Wawie na pewno macie takich od groma:) Twarde oprawki to zwykłe oprawki na prace Magisterskie, do tego foliowe przegrody pomiędzy rozdziałami.


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