Saturday, 12 October 2013

Rules: Renown

There are a lot of warbands that search through Mordheim. Some of them are known for their numbers, while others are famous of martial prowess or cruelty. It all comes to renown. Renown provides influence, which can be used as an advantage to beat competing bands and in this find more Wyrdstone. More wyrdstone means more gold and gold is what rule in the Empire. More gold the better, yet as I said 'it all comes to renown'...

Fellow gamres, I hereby provide you with set of additional campaign rules called 'Renown'. You can use them throghout the campaign to determine the winner. This set of rules is far more reliable than determining the winner via Rating. Hope you will enjoy.

THE RENOWN: The Renown is an additional parameter of the Warband just like Rating or Wyrdstone shards in the stash. The Renown represents not only how the Warband is being feared and known, but also a magnitude of it's influence. In a campaign's game terms the Warband which accumulates the bigest amount of Renown becomes a winner.

Remember to make a note on the Warband's roster each time it gains some Renown Points.

Renown Points (RP) falls into two categories:

LINKED: A player may count these each time his Warband fills or looses any of the requirements listed below.

Rating ratio. Each 3 points of Warband's Rating are worth 2RP.

Lead by example. Each advance on the Warband's Leader is worth 2RP.

Duel of spellcasters. Each spell/prayer known by a Warband's member is worth 5RP.

Wyrdstone keeper. Each Wyrdstone Shard hold by the Warband and above 5 is worth 3RP.

Chest full to the brim. Each 100gc hold by the Warhband is worth 5RP.

Raging monsters. Each Warband member that has more than 2 Wounds and 4 Toughness is worth 20RP.

Monster under the bed. Each Warband member that cause fear is worth 2RP.

Know no fear. Each Warband member that is immune to fear (models that cause fear or are immune to psychology do not count) is worth 3RP.

Tough lads:. Each group of fully advanced Henchmen is worth 2RP per member.

Bunch of dudes. A Warband with maximum number of warriors reached is worth +7RP.

Raging Heroes. Each full 30 Experience points on a single Hero is worth 3RP.


RESULTING: A player must permanently add/substract these each time his Warband fills any of the requirements listed below.

Proud victor. Each time the Warband wins a game it gains +1RP for each defeated opponent.

Leaders slayer. Each time the Warband's member takes enemy Leader OOA it gains +1RP.

The Duelist. Each time the Warband's Leader takes enemy Leader OOA it gains +2RP.

It's time to play a hero. Each time a Henchman advances to be a Hero the warband gains +3RP.

Big Spender. Each time the warband spends more than 100 gold in a single Exploration Phase it gains +1RP.

Sorrow looser. Each time the Warband looses a game it looses -1RP.

Run for your life. Each time the Warband looses a game by voluntary failing the Rout Test it looses additional -1RP.

Uncaring parent. Each time the Warband's Leader is taken OOA it looses -1RP.

Inevitable end. Each time the Warband's Leader or a Hero dies (HSIC roll 11-15) it looses -10RP.


The rumour is loud about those who spilled blood and shown no mercy! Much is told of those who have chests filled with gold and Wyrdstone shards! Those which avoid good fight are soon forgotten...


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Scenario: Death by Hanging by Nazroth

Keep this bastard pinned down! Damn, his struggling like an enraged board! Ha! If We're not going to have our prize then we're going to hang him lad! Let the mob experience some entertainment, after all this shit we've been through lately. Maybe these goodly people provide us with better pay than this fellow's greedy companions!

Yet another of my scenarios. This time i will give you the oportunity to rescue one of your warriors, that was captured after the last battle. Will you keep the ransom and put the captive's live at stakes?