Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hired Swords: Part three

We have earned quite a bunch of coins at our last raid. As we have all the gear we need for now, it would be wise to use an additional pair of fighting arms. Let's head back to the Cutthroat's Den and see what remarkable new alliances we can buy with this gold... 
This is the third and final part of my link> Hired Swords article <link. I have already introduced to you eight Hired Swords. Today i'm going to describe the best sniper, best healer, best brawler, best obtainer, best brewer and the expendables. Please remember that this is my subjective opinion. If you disagree with my choice, just feel free to share your wisdom in the comments below.  So let's get going.

The Road Warden is the best sniper in Mordheim. With the ability to move and shoot he can choose his targets freely. Enemy leader behind some cronies? Just move a bit so that a terrain piece obscures them and leaves only one uncovered target for the bolt. With Trick Shooter and Eagle Eyes skills the Roadwarden is more than able with crossbow but his also a formidable figter. Still i preffer to benefit from shooting.

Roadwarden comes at a price so he fits into second wave as a choice of Hired Sword.

Kislev Ranger*
This one is not a Cupid yet he can send his arrows straight into the hearts of careless monsters and he'll do it without revealing himself. "One shot - one kill" well Kislev Ranger can make it real ;) Yet Kislev Ranger is more than meets the eye - he is also a splendid healer capable of restoring Wounds lost earlier in battle by his companions and himself!

As Campaign grows same goes for the Wound value of my models. Kislev Ranger appears after that so he is a third wave choice. 

Dwarf Troll Slayer
If Arnold Schwarzenegger fought this guy instead of a Predator then he would have eventually succumbed and bled to death. Dwarf Troll Slayer comes with a T4, Hard to Kill and Hard Head in a package. He can be bringed low by superior numbers but as Dwarfs aren't known to grow high - it may yet prove to be his advantage. Yes you can knock him down but what then? Are you strong enough to deal the fatal blow? If not, he'll just stand up and pummel the hell out of you.

I preffer Pit Fighter's Punch and Ogre Bodyguard's big body more than this resilient bearder beast but still hire him if there's no Elf around and i have gold. Second wave choice.

Halfling Thief*
Small but capable body. This dirty little thief is a masterful infiltrator that can be used to gain the upper hand in many scenarios. Imagine the face of an enemy leader when a halfling appears from out of nowhere to grab the mission objective and run back into your deployment zone. But with big advantage comes a big risk. One day you can wake yourself without either gold nor wyrdstone with some items missing from your warbands stash.

Is Halfling Thief worth the risk? I think he is but either from the start when you have nothing to loose, or in the end where all the bodies (even those small) count. I choose to refrain from hiring untill the end game. Third wave choice.

Sabbath or not, i find Witches most useful. As an additional (and powerful) caster a Witch can buff power of every evil warband. A variety of effective spells both deffensive and offensive changes this hired sword to be a formidable threat to enemy models. More so a Witch's greatest strength comes into action before the battle in the form of Magical Potions, capable to abnormally increase power of one of our heroes. 

There aren't many evil aligned Hired Swords and this one is the best there is. Zero wave choice.
Either to expensive to hire or to weak to even bother - the expendables are: Freelancer, Elf Mage*, Highwayman, Beasthunter. Please do not get me wrong as i see the uses for some of these. Except for the Freelancer all of expendables have something to offer but in my opinion they are just so outclassed. I will think trice before fielding one of these and even then i probably wouldn't pay his fee after the battle. 

*These Hired Swords are not 'officialy official' but they appear here and there as approved by players all around the world. Personally i find them worth mentioning.

Here's where you can find the second part of the link> Hired Swords article <link Feel free to leave me some comments with your opinion about the Hired Swords. Which one's your favorite and why?