Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hired Swords: Part two

We have earned quite a bunch of coins at our last raid. As we have all the gear we need for now, it would be wise to use an additional pair of fighting arms. Let's head back to the Cutthroat's Den and see what remarkable new alliances we can buy with this gold... 
This is the second part of my link> Hired Swords article <link. Last time i have introduced to you what is in my opinion the best fighter, best tank, best shooter and best caster among all of the 'legal' Hired Swords. Today i'm going to fulfill my announcement and describe the best seeker, best sneak, best trickster, and best buff that you can hire. Please remember that this is my subjective opinion. If you disagree with my choice, just feel free to share your wisdom in the comments below.  So let's get to business.

Elf Ranger
The Elf Ranger has the keenest sight of all the Hired Swords. The 'Seeker' special rule allows him to spot hidden enemies at twice the distance of his impressive Initiative of 6. Armed with Elven Bow with BS 5 and M5 he is a mobile detector that will shoot your foes right after uncovering them for the rest of your warband. He will also lend some help in exploration so be assured that money spent on this nimble fellow would not be wasted.

As the elf comes with a specific role to fulfill, he appears in the third wave of recruitment.

Imperial Assassin
Death from behind, the Assassin is the best sneak in Mordheim. Starting with a decent equipment and two powerful skills he already is a capable fighter, but after advancement he becomes a real threat to all shooting warbands. Backstabber skill is an overkill with which you will be able to eliminate entrenched enemies while Hide in Shadows will provide you with all the means to outmaneuver your opponents. He will be able to hide almost everywhere and will provide a magnificent support to all close combat warbands.

"Valar Morghulis". The Imperial Assassin is my second wave choice. 

Halfling Scout
This funny looking little dude is my favorite buff in the game. Cheap to hire, economical to use, thirteenth starting member of a warband that increases the maximum number of models you can field. This means that he will be useful throughout the enitre campaign, right from the moment when you spent your first golden crowns and until the very end. And if that was not enough, he is a damn Luck magnet - call me superstitious but i know it. I just do. 

Zero wave choice, always from the start.

Arabian Merchant
He knows the best tricks. He's a two models in one. He will acquire the best items for you and in the end he will fill your chests with gold. All of which he does for free. Oh maybe not literally free but he will earn his own upkeep and leave something for the rest of the warband too. If you are thinking about a long campaign and wish to excel yourself in the exploration phase then this is your 'must have' choice. 

First wave choice on my private Hired Swords list. Sooner the better. 

Here's where the second part of the link> Hired Swords article <link comes to an end. Next time i will present you the best sniper and the best to leave alone Hired Swords.


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