Sunday, 6 July 2014

Matter of Survival: Trading

Here's your gold lad. You've made through your first encounter in one piece. I say these crowns were earned. Now listen to me boy. There's plenty of whoresons awaiting you and your gold. They will try  to beguile you with all those fancy knives and shiny armour. Do not let them get into your hed, you hear me? Spend some coins on Lucky Charm and keep the rest...

Hello there fellow Campaigners. If after the first battle you've found yourself in possession of some gold then here are some trading hints you may find quite useful.

First of all priorytise your purchase starting with warband members (if needed) then acquire less rare, cheap and most important equipment. It is of a great importance to spend your coins on things that will instantly boost your warbands fighting and exploration abilities.

Recruit heroes.
The heroes will search for wyrdstone after the battle and each one of them will drastically increase the warbands income. If you haven't recruited max heroes at the start of a campaign, or one of them died in the first battle - it is most important to recruit up to a maximum ASAP.

Recruit henchmen.
If it takes your number up to 9, 13 or 17 do not hesitate to recruit new warband members. The number of models OOA required to take Rout Test depends on it. Some scenarios offer great awards to the winner in which case you do not want to loose by failing Rout Test.

Trinkets over weapons.
Some items are especially useful. Assuming that all your heroes are equipped with weapon adequate to their role, i suggest to use this priority list:
- Rabbit foot for the leader,
- Rabbit foot for the rest of the heroes, 
- Lucky charm for the leader, 
- Lucky charm for any tough combat heroes, 
- Holy/Unholy relic,
- Rope & Hook for any agile wall climbers (Vampire, Skaven heroes etc,)
- Helmet for the leader and any combat heroes, 
- Armour and fancy weapons for the leader and heroes, 

As you can see - the first exploration will probably end with up to 5 rabbit foots and that assuming your warband will find all of them in one go.  As most of the warbands are highly leader-oriented, try to invest some gold in his safety and usefulness. Mostly becouse the Leader is an expensive, rating increasing, slowly leveling and difficult to replace member of a warband.

Hire sellswords.
Sooner or later there will come a moment of stability. The income will overcome the needs and you will wonder of what to buy next. Some players prefer to keep reserve gold for a rainy day. I suggest you do otherwise. Remember that when you gather resources, other warbands will make good use of gold and advance themselves. Invest the gold to hire Hired Swords. You can find the list of useful Hired Swords in the link> Hired Swords article <link.

Now go there and spend some gold!


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