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Warband: 'Dead Can Dance' the Undead

Heed me, and heed me well! I will tell you about countless generations of Mordheim's citizenry, burried in hallow graves at local cementry. Of Unfortunates, who kept searching through this damned city in hope for a better future, yet fell prey to it. About our fallen companions just as fallen foe, as death does not care for allegiance. None of them rests in peace, i tell you! This damned place has not only distorted their bodies, it also cursed their spirits. Carcasses, now animated by dark magic, and filled with hunger for flesh of the living, wander at dusk in search of fresh prey. Have no pity for these things. Just make sure that you won't end as one of those wretched Undead.

Warband: Undead
'Dead Can Dance'
The Undead were my first Mordheim Warband. They stay as my favorite band up to this very day. Some may consider them to be a no-brainer. It is a failed assumption, as regardless of their hardiness, the Undead are not easy to play through a campaign. Let's take a look at some major advantages and drawbacks of this Warband.


- One 'man' army,
The Undead have an exceptionally good Leader. A Vampire is a 'one man army' in all it's meaning. High combat characteristics (S, A) allows him to take almost any opponent out of the game in one on one combat, while considerable resilience (T, W) is vital to go out of most dense combat situations without a scratch. A Vampire is also fast and agile (M, I) so that when charging you won't be troubled by any minor obstacles or high. In Campaign, as Warbands advance and heroes grow in strength so is a Vampire, but due to his combat capabilities he does it much faster than any other Hero. Last but not least is the ability to withstand pain allowing the Vampire to treat a 'stunned' result on the Injury chart as 'knocked down' so even fallen, the Vampire remains a threat.

- Fear tactics,
One of the best weapons in Mordheim is 'Fear'. Charge and replace your opponent with a frightened child or get immunity to beign charged depending on situation. Mordheim is all about that particular moment, when a Warband charges another and destroys it in one clean cut. To sow doubt in the heart of the enemy and deny him that 'one shot kill' opportunity is how the Undead Warband wins.

- Dregs,
Most Warbands have two of low xp heroes (Youngbloods, Mutants, Night Runners etc.). The Undead have three such heroes. Low WS is a weaknes them in the first rounds of a Campaign, yet if used as bangers (taking fallen enemies ooa) the Dregs advance frequently and become true close combat monsters. And they look so funny too!

- Expendables,
Zombies are cheap and they are expendable. Most Warbands will use careful tactics in fear of loosing good, developed warriors - the Undead do not care. That is a powerfull asset as sometimes you will have to go against the odds and  play all in. In some circumstances you will find yourself defeated and with empty pockets - Purchasing Zombies is a good and very cheap way of replenishing your losses.


- Shooting,
The Undead are well known for their close combat capabilities, bu ttheir shooting is heavily limited. They are very good at tearing their enemies limb from limb and withstanding fatal damage, yet they are vurnerable to enemy shooting. Keep that in mind when facing shooty opponent. Try to outmaneuver the enemy using the Vampire and those warriors who can run. Use cover to get close. Do not risk being shot from afar - it is better to wait for an opportunity, than to risk being shot from afar. When Zombies catch up - charge and feed! 

- Mercenaries, 
Maybe it is becouse the Undead do not pay well, or maybe it's that they do not have a sense of humor, either way they are avoided by Hired Swords. Ofcourse the Vampire is a tank and a titan of close combat, but this particular Warband is not going to advance quickly. After couple of games you will be faced with dozens of Hired Swords and with no response of your own. Try to get some gold and hire all available mercs as soon as you can. 

Undead Vampire: Count Nozdro Kazirot

Undead Heroes: Zladov (Necromancer), Hunch, Hump, Dope

Ghouls: Gourmet (hero) & Ghouls

Dire Wolves


Warband: Undead 'Dead Can Dance'
Cost: 500gc,
Rating: 109,

Vampire: Count Nozdro Kazirot 123gc,
Sword, Mace, Dagger,

Necromanzer: Zladov 38gc, 
Mace, Dagger,

Dreg: Hunch 33gc,
Sword, Mace, Dagger, 

Dreg: Hump 33gc,
Sword, Mace, Dagger, 

Dreg: Dope 23gc,
Mace, Dagger, 

Ghouls (2) 80gc,

Ghouls (2) 80gc,

Zombies (4) 60gc,

Warlock: Wizwar 30gc,


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