Saturday, 14 September 2013

Scenario: From Dusk Till Dawn by Nazroth

Time to make some coin you say? Well we've looked everywhere lad. Allright, not literally everywhere, there are places that we do not wish to venture. Oh for Sigmars sake! Of course you want to, yet i'm not! Fine i'll tell you, but keep me out of your stupid plans for tonight's treasure hunting...

Damn if i hadn't tongue that 'treasure hunting' crap i wouldn't been with you right now, freezing to death and digging holes at some forsaken graveya - hush! did you hear that? Just stop to wheeze and listen...

Run lad! Run for your dear life! See? Come, onto that hill over there. Soon the sun will rise and it's our only chance!

There are plenty of good scenarios on the web.Unluckily not all of them are balanced and they should be if they to provide fun for all participating players. 'A Night In The Graveyard', by Jason "Teacher Guy" Kahler from Town Cryer 19 was my main inspiration when creating 'From dusk till dawn'. I wanted to give you a feel of foreboding. Dozens of living dead crawling and shuffling toward your warriors. Gaming area, shrinking with each passing tur and. with nowhere to run. You will fight for your life and that of your warriors, yet there is a hope. The game ends when the sun comes out and providing that your warband is the only one still to stand, you are victorious! I hope it'll give you so much fun as creating it gave to me.


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