Sunday, 25 August 2013

Scenario: Cursed Treasure by Nazroth

It is done. We are in Mordheim once more. Let us hope that thrill for adventure will keep us going long enough that we can find our first decent loot, otherwise we will be forced to spend this night at Cutthroats' Haven and we do not want that to happen, belive me. Fortunately, I have an idea of where to find some coin and maybe a piece of Wyrdstone. Back when i was in Mordheim for the first time, i have heard rumours about some cursed treasure. Some said that is was haunted by a ghost of Duke Verice. If this is true, then no one should be bold or stupid enough to try and steal this treasure, don't you think? No one except us of course. I will lead the way...

The Scenario: Cursed Treasure is my first try to get back to developing fan made content for Mordheim. I hope that experienced Mordheim players will find it challenging and refreshing. I look forward for you to use it in your own games. It is still before beta testing but it looks smooth, easy to understand and especially: balanced enough to try and play it. If you do - please make sure to leave me some comment.


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