Sunday, 25 August 2013

Return to Mordheim

"It is a Dark Time.
The might of the Empire is dust, their crown is lost to them and their glory forgotten. 
The promise of an age of peace and prosperity is drowned in blood. 
This is your time. For the ruins of Mordheim hold prize beyond imagination: stones of power which can grant all your wishes. 
But beware of your enemies.
Fear the Possessed, the Beasts of the Pit which roam the night. 
Watch for the thieves of the Rat men, the Skaven of the Underworld.
Dread the corpses who walk like the living: the foul Vampires and their rotting minions.
This is Mordheim, the city of the Damned. This is the home of all your hopes. Be wary or it will be your grave as well." Mordheim rb.s.124

It has been many years since the last time i have seen this ragged landscape.
Back then i have been young and foolhardy, eager to fight and to take lives. This cursed place has changed me to no recognition. It stripped bare my foolhardiness and my eagerness to fight while passing of time has robbed me of my youth. The only thing left intact of my former 'me' is willingness to kill, cause in this place not to kill is synonymous with getting yourself killed. I have forsworn to never come back again...
And yet i find myself  near Mordheim once more. It is an act of necessity rather than desire to fill my sack with gold. I know many secrets of this carcass of a city yet there is still more to uncover. Some influential people want me here and who am i to disagree? A mercenary, a hired sword, a bounty hunter, a hammer of witches, i'm none and all alike in some degree. A treasure hunter... that is certainly who i was, but am i a treasure hunter still? Let us hope i am, otherwise we all are going to die embraced by this city's madness. 
Enought talking. Come, we will get to the gates of Mordheim in less than a day. I need you well prepared.

I have known Mordheim from it's earliest days at my local hobby store. For many years i have studied secrets of this game and invested a lot of time playing it. Mordheim certainly is one of the best skirmish wargames ever to exist. After a long pause i would like to get back to it and make sure Mordheim will prosper and expand. This blog is a way to execute my plan. In comming months i will try to propose you some new tournament rules, scenarios, ideas on terrain and warbands making and painting. In the future i will seek some old friends of mine and try to get them here so that they help me to keep this blog going. It is only one little brick in a devastated city full of ruin and despair but who knows, maybe we will rebuild it to it's former glory?



  1. That audio's especially nice, pity it's the only one.
    I'll certainly drop in again later, to see how's it goin'


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