Friday, 9 December 2016

Im back / 'Dead Tree' - Special Project

Back to Mordheim lad? You've grown since I saw you the last time. Yeah, I too grew older still. My nose got crooked. My hair grew white. My eyes seen too much...

Welcome back all who read Nazroth's Mordheim Treasure Hunters! Long time no see. Was it really more than a year since my last article? That's because approximately at that time my life turned upside down with me quitting job and realizing my dreams of being a Freelancer Miniature Painter. All this time I invested my sweat and blood into fulfilling the dream and now, when Scar_hand Painting is complete - I finally have time to gaze upon Mordheim once more. 

Now that I'm back, some changes will be brought to Nazroth's Mordheim Treasure Hunters blog. Gaming, Tactics, etc. related stuff will be posted here as usual, but most, if not all, Painting, Modelling and Gallery articles will be published at and linked here in form of an entry. I know that it might be annoying to jump between blogs, but that's just one click per article, while in return you get a lot of quality pictures and bright colours to fully appreciate the miniatures and scenery. 

For instance here are all the refreshed galleries of my personal miniatures (just click on the images and enjoy):

I hope you will give it a try and to make the transition more pleasant - I would like to present to you the newest hobby article. This one is about a scenery piece I built and painted last month. 'Dead Tree' is a special project that started a series of brand new scenery for my personal collection... 

'DEAD TREE' - SPECIAL PROJECT article will take you back to the time when this piece was merely a badly drawn concept art. You will be able to traverse the path it took for me to create this scenery with an almost step-by-step precision. Hope you will enjoy both the article and this new form of publishing I choose. 


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