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Warband: the Carnival of Chaos

Ever been to a circus lad? Don't go. It's a waste of your copper, waste of your time and sometimes a waste of your live...


All miniatures converted and painted by Marek 'Whisperdalator' Szymonowicz
This article is a form of salute and credit to a work of one painter from another.

Warband: Carnival of Chaos

Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Today i will present to you something splendid! Something truly unbelievable! Gaze upon the unthinkable! Taste that which you have never, ever tasted before!  Sit down and let yourself be dazzled with the mesmerizing atmosphere of the Carnival! Enjoy the Carnival of Chaos!

- Bodybuilders and Cronies,
Brutes start the game with S4, T4 and Strongman Skill which gives them an edge against warriors armed with Two Handed Weapons. Add some Tainted Ones with Blessings of Nurgle and you have four Tanks capable to withstand a lot of damage and pummel almost any foe into Out of Action. But that is not all, you can field up to two Plague Bearers (S4, T4) and add some extra fatties to your roster. Have i already mentioned that Plague Bearers have a Save value of 5+? In the end you can fill the numbers with some cheap Nurglings to enjoy the 'long' game.

- Grandpa's tutelage,
Carnival of Chaos serves one of the Gods of Chaos. Must say that both Blessings of Nurgle and Nurgle Rituales are very, very powerful. When you take a look at the spells you quickly figure out that Carnival of chaos has it all: 
- Buff to armour, 
- Single target damage with 1/6 chance to kill regardless of target's T value, 
- Powerfull debuff spell which affects living targets in casters vicinity,
- 12" Nova damage spell!,
- Save 2+ for the caster,
- Overpowered and cruel base to base spell that no sane enemy player would like to taste with his models,


- Forever alone, 
With a lot of Nurgle's bling and a Cart to ride the hood Carnival of Chaos is not an easy warband to befriend with. Lack of possibility to hire a Hired Sword (any and all Hired Swords) is a big disadvantage in the terms of long game. 

- Close and personal,
Carnival of Chaos is rather close combat centered and as such it has close to none shooting. Bows won't do the trick and with no Hired Swords and no Shooting Skills except for a leader this warband stands wurnerable to arrow, bolt and missile opression. 


- Icecream cart,
I find the Plague Cart a little bit odd. It is a powerfull buff to the no-shooting-warband but in the same time it may be it's undoing. Experienced players do not fear the Cart. Just shoot this huge target with all they've got in hope to slay the driver. When this is done, the Cart goes berserk and kills itself almost every time. Against warbands that lack shooting weapons the Cart is almost useless. So as you can see the means to close the distance between the Carnival and enemy shooters are also liable to shooting.
Carnival Master (And his bride)


Tainted Ones



 Plague Bearers

 Plague Cart

Warband: Carnival of Chaos
Cost: 500gc,
Rating: 101,
Carnival Master 78gc, 
Shield, Mace, Dagger, 

Brute 70gc,
Double-handed Weapon,

Brute 70gc,
Double-handed Weapon,

Tainted One 63gc,

Cloud of Flies, 
Sword, Mace, Dagger,  

Tainted One 53gc,
Cloud of Flies, 
Mace, Dagger, 

Brethren (2) 56gc,
Mace, Dagger,

Brethren (2) 50gc,

Nurglings (4) 60gc,



  1. Epic conversions and painting man!

    1. Hi,
      This warband is a masterpiece and it was converted and painted by a Youngblood - Marek Szymonowicz. He is the only warband member which works i find most awesome of all and publiced here at Mordheim Treasure Hunters. I hope he will find the time and determination to finally paint another band, maybe his Skaven warband so that at last i will be able to write an article about Ratmen :)


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